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baby photographer chelsea
baby photographer chelsea

Newborn photography

I was delighted to be recommended to Tania and Breck to photograph their newborn little beauty, Zoya. Recommendations are my main way of finding new families and discovering new journeys with my clients. Fortunately I am both Cotswold and London based so Chelsea is on my doorstep. Therefore if you are looking for a Baby photographer in Chelsea then it’s nice to be local. Newborn photography is my absolute favourite photography session. I really enjoy putting the parents at ease. As a consequence the baby is naturally at ease too. Then the magic happens!

baby photographer Chelsea
baby photographer Chelsea

I search for the right light and gently position you in the best spot without you noticing. When you are so focused on your new baby you hardly notice my gently manoeuvring. This is when I strike! I like to allow time for cuddles, feeding (always takes longer than you think)! Of course the many nappy changes. Tania and Zoya had a few girly dresses to change into. Which was fun as I love a bit of colour, design and texture.

baby photographer Chelsea
newborn photography chelsea london

As I am busying myself during your photo shoot, guiding you into the next shot as naturally as possible. I keep my eyes peeled for the priceless moments. As the shot above. He was naturally calming his baby without realising that I had my eye on them. I love the angle of the photo as if I am a fly on the wall.

baby photographer chelsea
The little details

I am always on the look out for the little details too. One can’t ask a newborn baby to clasp their hands as cutely as the above photo. Therefore, I have to keep my eye out for the little details. They only hang about for a split second!

If you are interested in having one of the most important times of your life documented then please get in touch here.

baby photographer chelsea
Mother and daughter

I love this photograph as you can tell that mother and daughter had relaxed into a natural, comfy position. Perfect my job is done!

photographer of the year 2017Photographer of the Year 2017.

It’s February 2018 already and this is my first blog. Fittingly, I will be blogging about my award, Photographer of the year 2017 from the British Institute of Professional Photographers. Better late than never! The BIPP holds a regional awards ceremony every year. I fall under the “Cotswold Regional Awards” category. It is a very prestigious award and I am immensely honoured and proud of my achievements. I have to say that I am quite uncomfortable about bragging about my awards. It doesn’t come naturally. But its important to measure my work with a professional body of photographers. Here is the link

My Awards

The above image won me a gold award in the uncommissioned category and then the Cotswold Photographer of the Year 2017.Its won of my all time favourite images. Taken in the steam baths of Budapest. People often ask me if I took my camera into the steam baths. Well the answer is no. I was in the sauna at the time but my heart leapt when I saw this moment. I went outside the sauna and managed to take the photo through the glass door.Sometimes the images  So yes I did take a camera to the baths just not in the sauna.

london family photographer

This image of Florence jumping was awarded a silver in the People and Portraiture category. This where my heart lies and I am most comfortable working. Children being themselves in the beauty of their own home. I love the energy in this image. I have been photographing Florence since she was a baby. She certainly has lots of energy so its a true representation of her.

photographer of the year

What a beautiful moment this was. I am so delighted when I get to capture the generations. This image was awarded a Bronze in the People and Portraiture category. As was the image below in the uncommissioned category.

award winning photograph

This was such a fun time at the Sziget festival in Budapest. It’s a great music festival that is on every year in August and always has a good line up. Worth taking a peek if you enjoy festivals. I went with my family and there was something for everyone.

Meritt Awards

photographer of the year 2017

I love the dreamy gaze in Florence’s eyes. For a brief moment she looked directly into my lens without any direction. Most unusual for her as she is normally full of energy. My heart sings when this happens. Its just luck if my settings are correct!clapham baby photographer

This was a similar situation where the Toddler (George) happened to stare straight at me. He also was a quick as the wind and warranted a high shutter speed. So here are my images that contributed to the title Photographer of the year 2017.

If you would like to book a photoshoot with your family or would like to know more about my services please contact me here.

Second visit to photograph Imogen

I am always delighted to to be asked back to photograph my families. Especially when they are as cheeky and smiley as this one! As a baby photographer in Cheltenham and London I know about a long commute but my hat goes off to this mum as she has a long commute but gets the best of both worlds.

I first photographed Imogen when she was just a few weeks old. As she has just turned one I was intrigued to see how much she had changed. Well her mob of dark hair had changed colour and she had turned into a cheeky and confident little girl. She was a quick as the wind and didn’t seem to have any fear. Quite happy to launch herself off the bed. Therefore we had to have all hands on deck and a very quick shutter speed. She was a little lady of many expressions which I enjoyed teasing out of her. This shot below if one of my favourite ones from the shoot. She has a coyness about her and is almost flirting with my camera.

Baby Photographer in Cheltenham

I love letting the kids be free and  am directed by them. Imogen was delighted with the large mirror that mummy uses before work in the morning! She’s probably not used to having it all to herself. I love the slightly inquisitive nature and not sure if the light are for touching! Imogen is one of those children that will be running before she can walk. She was determined to launch herself forward. Fortunately into the safe arms of mum and dad. As a BIPP member I take health and safety very seriously.  Although it often looks like my babies are hurling themselves off the bed I am very conscious of safe hands.

Imogen seemed to really enjoy her photoshoot. They usually sleep really well afterwards. So you are guaranteed a couple of hours of quiet time. If you are looking for a fun, natural, baby photographer then please get in contact here. I look forward to hearing from photographer cheltenhambaby photographer in Cheltenham baby photography in Cheltenham cheltenham baby photographerCheltenham baby photographerbaby photography in Cheltenhambaby photographer in Cheltenhambaby photographer in Cheltenham

natural photographer putney natural family photography putney

This is a gorgeous family that I really enjoy photographing as we just click. They let me get on with my job without any direction and we just chill together. We let the kids do their thing and consequently I am able to capture the truly natural family photography that I have become known for. I have been photographing this family in Putney SW15 for a few years and have captured both children as babies and then into toddlerhood and now school.

Some of my favourite shots are the when the family are just “cotching” on the sofa. Usually watching tv and being disturbed by a toddler who has no interest in whats on the box. This would be Florie, who still demands attention and cuddles despite the boys wanting to watch the tv.

I like to know the children’s likes and dislikes so I know where to steer my focus of energy. If the kids are happy then I am happy which makes for happiness all round. Florie was going through the stage of loving her shoes. Which I can still identify with! I love the shot of her surrounded by an eclectic mix of footwear. All I had to do was gently steer her into the light to make the perfect shot. Without her noticing…of course.

Florie was a water babe and loved her bath time. She didn’t seem to notice that it was mid morning and not the conventional time for her bath. We played for ages with the water pistol. For some reason she enjoyed having it directed straight into her mouth. After negotiating the end of bath time we went into her bedroom to choose some of her books. Again we had to negotiate putting on some really cool dresses as I think she preferred being naked. The beauty of girls is having all those lovely clothes to choose from. However, sometimes we have to battle getting them on.

At the end of two photography shoots I made up a beautiful bespoke book of all the images. Now each child has one each to keep. If you are interested in my natural family photography in Putney SW15 then please get in touch here.

Although I am based in both Wandsworth and the Cotswolds I am happy to travel. Looking forward to hearing from you.


family photographer wandsworthnatural style family photography putneynatural family photography londonnatural family photography in Putneynatural family photography putneynatural family photography putney


I am Nikon

Every year Nikon has been collaborating with a whole host of very talented Nikon photographers to create a beautiful inspiring film. The film is simply called “I am Nikon 2016”. Divided into different sections, I am family, I am loved, I am Free, I am 2016, I am here to name a few. I love the strong sense of “I am”.

This year I was honoured to have four of my photos chosen for the film. I have been using Nikon cameras and lenses for at least 10 years. I’ve stopped counting exactly how long I have been a professional photographer. All that matters to me is that I am still as passionate about photographing people and families as ever. I borrowed a friends Nikon 10 years ago and decided that was the one for me. In all that time it has never let me down. Therefore I feel very proud to be chosen by Nikon to represent their brand.

I am nikon 2016

I love this image not just because of the peacefulness but for capturing the feeling of wonder and pride. Sometimes you don’t need to see the parents faces to know how they are feeling. As it happens I photographed this couple at their wedding and now they have just had their 4th child. It’s lovely to watch them grow.I am Nikon 2016I was delighted that this photograph was chosen for the I am nikon 2016 best of film. It has a special place in my heart. Sadly Rob, the father standing proudly in the middle passed away. He battled with cancer for a few years. I love this photo as the family stand united and strong.I am nikon I am lovedNow this one is another of my favourites as it looks just like the perfect family all admiring the cutest newborn sister. Which of course it is. However, just a few seconds before this shot the baby was crying and Bobby the brother was not playing ball. But the magic happened in a split second and I was ready. You need the eye but you also need a very fast shutter speed and a lot of patience. location family photographerAnother photo chosen from a very special family photoshoot. I spent the day with this family on their gorgeous boat on the River dart. It was a beautiful day but sadly this little girl was not feeling great. Out of the blue she decided to ‘out do’ her brother and climb the mast. Children really are unpredictable and therefore keep me on my toes.

If you would like to know more about my natural, fun, family photography then please drop me a line here.   Always happy to have a chat about capturing your family and preserving those simple yet treasured times. I tend to work between Gloucestershire and London (Wandsworth) but I am happy to travel.

I have to admit that blogging is not my top priority as it has been a long while since the last post. If you want to keep  more up to date with my goings on then try my instagram . You can find me here. However my daughter very kindly put together a video of my favourite best newborn and family photography last year. Please sit back and turn up the music and enjoy it all the way through. It is dedicated to Rob Johnston and Sophie Sutherland. Both sadly lost their fight against cancer. It was an honour to capture their precious family memories. Photos that their families can treasure and remind them off happier times. Having lost my own brother recently I am familiar with the sense of loss. The first thing I reached for were the photos of him to keep him close to me.

Baby Photographer Wandsworth

I have many photographs over the year that I love. Not all of them can be shown in my photo film above but below are a chosen few. My photography sessions are relaxed and natural. I only use natural light so I can work quickly and can capture honest moments without being contrived. Do expect to spend a morning or an afternoon with me. As a natural, newborn, family photographer I like to spend time making my clients feel relaxed and unaware of my camera. If you would like to know more about my work and how it all works then please contact me here. I look forward to hearing from you.

baby photography claphamnatural family photographer

award winning photographerAward winning photographer

award winning photographeraward winning photographeraward winning photographer , cotwold photographer of the year , BippI am now officially an “Award Winning Photographer”. I recently joined an organisation called the British Institute of Professional Photographers and very quickly gained my licentiateship. I was delighted as it was on my to do list for quite some years. Despite having lots of very happy customers I wanted to do something for myself. I wanted to be recognised by a trusted organisation that is well respected in the industry. I have been a professional portrait photographer for nearly 10 years. Despite having many happy customers that come back year after year, I wanted to achieve my own goals. I had often walked past the stands of the BIPP at various exhibitions and thought “one day” that will be me. The competition is tough and the standard is very high. I had to prepare myself and my work. I think as photographers we are plagued with self doubt. I certainly never thought I was good enough to receive such an award. It is an industry where the majority of us are self taught and quite often sitting on our computers late into the night editing. It can be terribly lonely. That is when the self doubt creeps in. I think as a mother I have made a conscious effort to instil self esteem into my three girls. However sometimes we are so busy with  life that we forget about ourselves and our own self esteem.

On the 25th April I attended a training course with Bryn Griffiths on product photography. Which was taking myself out of my comfort zone again. I was advised to enter a few of my photos into the regional awards competition. Low and behold on the night I was awarded with a Gold, Silver and a Bronze award. Then unbeknown to me there was the “Cotswold photographer of the Year 2016” award. Then next thing I knew I was my name was being called as the winner. I wished I had known this was going to happen as I would have washed my hair!

Here is the link to the Bipp website…link to prove it.

So now I can honestly call myself an “Award Winning Photographer”. As my family are probably bored of hearing already. It’s never too late to achieve your dreams.

If you would like to know more about the way I work and how to capture those precious moments in your family. Please contact me here . I look forward to hearing from you.

baby photographer battersea, laura eperjesi photography, award winning photographer wandsworthMother and baby photographer Battersea

baby newborn photographer, clapham baby photographer, baby photographer battersea and claphambattersea baby photographerclapham and battersea baby photography, natural baby photographer, london baby photographer, battersea and clapham natural light photographer,baby battersea clapham photographer, candid baby photography, battersea and clapham baby photographerbaby photographer battersealondon baby photographer, clapham and batterses baby and family photographer, laura eperjesi photographyAs a baby photographer Battersea I love it when my clients are local. When I am out and about I am always looking out for familiar faces and seeing how the babies are changing. I was delighted to be asked to photograph Poppy who had just got over a nasty bug. Poppy was very happy to be cuddled and adored by not only Mum but Grandparents too. She wasn’t a shy baby so it made my job much easier. How lucky she is to have her Grandparents living near by. It’s a special relationship to be cherished. I enjoy to capturing the love between the generations.

I think it is really important to capture the stage that baby’s are at. It all goes too quickly and we forget at what age they accomplished their milestones. Poppy was at the crawling stage. I expect by now she is pulling herself up and braving her first steps. She was also at the stage where she wanted to feed herself. I love photographing babies eating. Although it can be very hit and miss. Or rather hit and mess!

I am also a strong believer in photographing Mummies and babies together. We are the ones that are doing all the hard work and not always getting the deserved credit.  My daughters have often commented on the fact that there are very few photos of me and them together as I was always the one taking the photos. We are spoilt with lovely dresses for girls but I do love getting their birthday suits out too. So in between changes I let them be free of the restrictions of clothes. I love a chunky roll or cheeky crease. They will soon be leggy teenagers.

If you are thinking about having a baby photo shoot or a family get together and would like to know more about my work then please drop me a line here. I look forward to hearing from you. xxx


Newborn and family photographer/sw11newborn and family natural

I have always wanted to call myself an Award Winning photographer. Well the time has finally come and I am proud to have been awarded the title of “Cotswold Photographer of the Year” by the British Institute of Professional Photographers. I will be blogging my winnings in due course but am very honoured and  shocked to be awarded such a title. I am not one to brag, promote or even advertise my work but this is something I might have to do.

Anyway enough about me. I have been prompted to blog about this lovely family in my favourite neighbourhood of Northcote Road Battersea. I went visit Jen at her home when she was expecting baby girl number three. Having three girls myself I could have total empathy. It’s funny but people often assume that you are hankering for a boy but I have always been happy and blessed with three girls and happily so was Jen.

There is something quite delightful about photographing a family that is expanding as they get more relaxed and chilled with life as their family grows. I always think a family needs a dog to complete the chaos. However in this case Bolshy the dog was the first baby and am delighted that he is a much part of the family as the kids! They were so relaxed that Stella the newborn baby was allowed to snuggle with him. I love it as it’s such a special relationship that is a natural part of childhood. The other bonus to third child is that the older siblings get a real baby doll to play with. Fabulous fun! Until of course baby Stella reaches the age of 2  and can hold her own. Then the she might develop her own ideas and not want to conform. Until then enjoy the calm.

I am delighted to be going back to photograph the family and document their changes. Lets see if we can make it to the park this time now I am an award winning photographer! Sorry I just like saying it!

If you would like to know more about my Award Winning Photography then please contact me here. I look forward to telling your story.
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Newborn and bump photographer in Cheltenhamnewborn bump photographernewborn,bump photographernewborn, bump photographer

newborn photography gloucestershirenewborn,bump photographer
newborn photographer cheltenhamnewborn, bump photographernewborn, bump photographernewborn bump photographernewborn,bump photographernewborn bump photographernewborn bump photographer
I am proud to say that being a newborn, bump photographer is fast becoming my speciality. The older I get the easier it seems to be for me. I love to calm the newborn babes and make the mothers feel comfortable, whether its their first, second or fifth baby! I love to capture the curiosity or sometimes indifference with the siblings. Kids can be quite honest about their feelings towards their new brother or sister. It doesn’t always go the way you expect.

Bobby is a dream older brother. Very affectionate and was happy to hold, love and kiss his new sister Nelly.  He will be the proud big brother looking after his sister when she’s older. This is my third or fourth time of photographing Amy and Bobby. I was delighted when Amy asked me to capture some photos of her bump, as I knew that she was blooming in her pregnancy. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to have their bump photographed but I think there is nothing more beautiful than a blooming, pregnant woman. Amy certainly fits this category. It’s such an amazing thing that happens to your body and should be celebrated! I like to make my clients feel relaxed and comfortable and take the time to appreciate their body and enjoy the calm before the storm!

I love the family shot of all the family looking down at Nelly. This was towards the end of the shoot and Bobby was starting to get restless. He loved the camera to be on him and was starting to feel that he wasn’t the main spotlight. However he loved to look at himself in the big mirror behind me. I let him enjoy his own reflection in the mirror and then when he was ready he looked down at just the right moment.

If you are looking for a newborn, bump photographer and would like to know more about the way I work or book a session, please contact me here. I look forward to hearing from you.