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Here’s another little video of what I’ve be up to this year. I’ve been too busy to blog.. so thought I would condense it all onto a video! I’ve met some amazing people, each with a different story to tell. Can’t believe the year has whizzed by and I’m already putting up the Christmas tree! Don’t forget that vouchers are available for Christmas, a personal timeless gift. In the meantime, enjoy what I’ve been up to. If you would like more information on my natural family photography, please contact me HERE.

Best of 2014 photography

Laura Eperjesi Photography 2014 from laura on Vimeo.

So this is a first for me….taking the time to reflect on my last years work as a children’s family photographer. I think it’s a great thing to do. Not just to show my past and future clients what I have been up to during the year but for myself. To remind myself of what a privilege it is to be asked to photograph  families, newborns and relationships. For them to let me into their lives and share their milestones. Or simply to capture the simplicity of their day.

Although I have photographed many families last year I have not been able to include everyone. For this I do apologise! As you can imagine I have many more favourites and have found it hard to whittle it down to a mere 90 photos! Please take the time to sit back and enjoy my little slideshow. If you would like to know more about my relaxed style of photographing friends and families then send me an email with your details and I will be happy to discuss your needs. Just here! I am looking forward to what 2015 has to bring.



Family photographer cheltenham gloucestershire

Just because you’re teenagers doesn’t mean you can’t be photographed! As a children’s family photographer I love photographing teenagers and rarely get the opportunity. We tend to concentrate on our babies and toddlers and photograph them more frequently and the teenager stage gets forgotten about. Well not for lovely Daisy and Bethany who were a delight to photograph. The session was bought as a voucher and they came to my home/studio in Cheltenham Gloucestershire, where we spent the morning chatting and changing outfits. These family photography sessions make perfect gifts for Xmas, especially for grandparents. If you are interested in my family, portrait photography vouchers please get in touch here contact me.

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Family Portrait Photography Cheltenham

It’s always a pleasure photographing this family. I know that I am Known for my natural baby portraits and for photographing young children but I do love photographing teenagers (sorry Will ..adults)! Having said that,they will always be your babies! Will and Jen have such a great rappport and its a delight to capture. They are very lucky to get on so well. We went on a beautiful dog walk , although I was a little out of breath by the time we reached the top. Love the shots with Granma. Precious moments. x

family portrait photographer gloucestershire

I went to meet the Sansum family a few weeks ago at their home  . They are very lucky to be right next to a beautiful stretch of the canal, which served as a great backdrop. The boys were just about to go off to University and therefore we took some family shots to mark the occasion.  Lovely polite, handsome boys …what more can you ask for? Hope all goes well at University.  Maybe a little modelling on the side to help pay for those fees? Really enjoying meeting you all. Hope you like photos there are many more but these are just some of my favourites.

Family Photography Christa and Family

I was invited to a local charity dinner/event to help raise money for the Kambia Appeal. I was so inspired and humbled by the amazing work that this charity does that I wanted to donate a photo shoot to contribute.  Have a look at  Here are a few photos from the winners of the prize. I think it was the quickest shoot I have ever done as we had the smallest window of opportunity. I thought life was supposed when to get quieter your children leave home!

Family Photographer – Olivia and Ben

I went to meet Olivia and Ben at their home. Mum claims that they are quite shy but I didn’t see any evidence of that. They were simply delightful and very polite! After doing some shots inside we headed off to the tennis courts where Olivia and Ben just came alive! I was amazed at how good at tennis they were. I had to dodge the balls a little as they were coming fast and furious. Great fun was had by all. Here are a few of my favourites. x

Family Photography – Ali and Family

Ahhhhh ……’s that time of year when you realise your children are no longer children and they are packing themselves off to university. Well just before Will took himself off I went to the Humphrie’s home to mark the occasion. We did lots of family shots in the garden including the very hairy rabbit, Thumper and Archie the Dog. I then took the teenagers off for a walk with the dog. I love the colour photo of Jen, she looks stunning. I only wish she new it too! The chemistry between brother and sister was a delight  to capture. You are very lucky………’s not always like that.

Family Photography – Fiona and Richard

I was delighted to be asked to photograph Fiona and Richard’s wedding this July. They thought they wouldn’t be doing the ‘wedding thing’ again but you all know my moto……Never say Never! I am so looking forward to it as the children will be very much apart of the special occasion. I went to meet all the family at their home in Wilersey. The girls were very natural and very gorgeous! I love the one of Georgina and the her cat. I’ve put far too many on the blog but i just can’t choose. The happy couple!

Family Portrait Photography – The Grandchildren

The main aim of this session was to get a shot of all the grandchildren together. Katy was the youngest and at first didn’t want to comply but gradually with lots of distraction, encouragement and patience she fitted in nicely. Then they were all set free to do their own thing. I love the shots of Alice, she’s a natural beauty with striking eyes. Teenagers don’t know how gorgeous they are. We had lots of bright sunshine, which can be a nightmare for me but great for our spirits. The boys enjoyed playing with the rocket launcher and making lots of bubbles. Looking forward to making up your books.