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Ahh its that time of year again, where we are all manic and then collapse in a heap to chill with the family. As a family and baby photographer in both London and Gloucestershire I have felt like one of Santa’s helpers delivering photos, books and canvases ready to be opened on Xmas morning. Travelling up and down the M4 ( which incidentally I quite enjoy). Now, everything  has been delivered and it is time for me to put my feet up and enjoy xmas with my family. I would just like to thank all my lovely customers that have chosen me to photograph their precious moments. It has been an honour and a pleasure. I look forward to meeting the old and new clients in 2016. I am very excited for the New Year. If you are thinking about booking a family and baby photographer in the new year and would like to know more about me please contact me here.  Merry Xmas to all. xxxcolour 2015

Here’s another little video of what I’ve be up to this year. I’ve been too busy to blog.. so thought I would condense it all onto a video! I’ve met some amazing people, each with a different story to tell. Can’t believe the year has whizzed by and I’m already putting up the Christmas tree! Don’t forget that vouchers are available for Christmas, a personal timeless gift. In the meantime, enjoy what I’ve been up to. If you would like more information on my natural family photography, please contact me HERE.

Best of 2014 photography

Laura Eperjesi Photography 2014 from laura on Vimeo.

So this is a first for me….taking the time to reflect on my last years work as a children’s family photographer. I think it’s a great thing to do. Not just to show my past and future clients what I have been up to during the year but for myself. To remind myself of what a privilege it is to be asked to photograph  families, newborns and relationships. For them to let me into their lives and share their milestones. Or simply to capture the simplicity of their day.

Although I have photographed many families last year I have not been able to include everyone. For this I do apologise! As you can imagine I have many more favourites and have found it hard to whittle it down to a mere 90 photos! Please take the time to sit back and enjoy my little slideshow. If you would like to know more about my relaxed style of photographing friends and families then send me an email with your details and I will be happy to discuss your needs. Just here! I am looking forward to what 2015 has to bring.



Children’s portrait photographer battersea

Its not great when you have organised your daughters 3rd birthday party (even remembered to book the local family photographer) and the birthday girl comes down with chicken pox! So you either cancel or you let everyone know that this is officially a “pox party”. So on with the show…..a great turn out and the bubbly was flowing for the adults! A great venue for a children’s birthday party in battersea

Molly was having a great time and I followed her around like a hawk. There was one little mishap when she had a little accident as she was obviously having so much fun a trip to the loo would have been too inconvenient! So she stripped off and carried on with no pants. As a natural children and family photographer I do love to capture the moments that just happen and this was priceless. As a parent you are so busy entertaining and organising the party that you inevitably miss some of the best bits of the party. My job to capture the moments that you cherish. As birthday girl Molly was top of the table and I enjoyed watching her tuck in to her hula hoops with great delight. Having a crisp addiction myself I could easily identify with her. I still love hula hoops! I thoroughly enjoyed capturing Molly’s 3rd birthday party in the little gym in Battersea sw11. If you are interested in having your children’s birthday party photographed so you can relax and enjoy the day please get in contact with me for more information. Happy birthday Molly ….hope there were no scars!

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Cowley Manor Gloucestershire Photography

Ok so …I’m at it again. Blogging my own family birthday celebrations. I am quite proud of myself that as a family portait photographer I have the ability to drink champagne, organise a shoot and stand in the pouring rain in high heels! Truly gifted! Anyway this was my eldest daughters 21st birthday celebrations at the very lovely Cowley Manor in Gloucestershire. It is a favourite family spot for birthday celebrations and I have been going here for years…..before it became the swish boutique hotel. Ella (my daughter) is a real country girl and spends most of her time in wellies walking the dog come rain or shine. Therefore it seemed fitting to shove on the wellies, courtesy of Cowley Manor and persuade the girlies to brave the elements. If you are interested in similar  natural family portraits please contact me here. And yes there were 21 candles on the cake!cowley-manor_photography cowley-manor_-5 cowley-manor_-7 cowley-manor_-8 cowley-manor_-11 cowley-manor_-9cowley-manor_-3cowley-manor photographycowley-manor_-4cowley-manor_cowley-manor_-6cowley-manor_-12 cowley-manor_-13

family photography gloucestershire

I was invited to a very special family gathering to document the celebration of Peter and Joanna’s Diamond wedding anniversary. I felt honoured to be part of this very special day. It’s very rare that ALL of the family can agree on a date and get together especially when they are spread all over Europe. I knew the food was going to be delicious and even a treat to photograph. The champagne was flowing and everyone seemed delighted to be there. They were soon sent off on a mystery treasure hunt……where a small amount of cheating went on but I managed to capture the evidence!! The grande finale came in the evening when all the siblings dressed up and did a surprise rendition of “diamonds are a girls best friend”. As a family documentary photographer I was in my element. Here are some of my favourites from the day. I think I am just as excited to see the book. xfamily photography gloucestershirefamily photography gloucestershire family photography gloucestershire family photography gloucestershire family photography gloucestershire family photography gloucestershire family photography gloucestershirefamily photography gloucestershire family photography gloucestershire family photography gloucestershire family photography gloucestershire family photography gloucestershire family photography gloucestershire family photography gloucestershire family photography gloucestershire

children’s  birthday photography notting hill

I  was asked to photograph Nima’s eighth birthday party which was in the Queens Ice Bowl, London. Fortunately, I didn’t have to put my skates on as I have never mastered the art of skating and never will! However it was delightful to watch Nima as she clearly has. It seemed the whole class was invited and they slipped and slided around the rink together. After a birthday tea with plenty of cakes, pizza and balloons and good old party games like musical statues they all headed off to the bowling alley. I noticed that most of the childrens’ first language was French, which felt very familiar and comforting to me after having lived in France for 5 happy years. As a children’s photographer I love being able to document the party so Mum knows it’s one thing ticked off her very long list! Here are some of my favourites from the childrens’ birthday photography shoot in Notting Hill.

wedding photographer cheltenham gloucestershire

wedding photographer cheltenham

This is just a sneak preview of Caroline and Mark’s Wedding at the Daffodil in Cheltenham yesterday. A wonderful day , great venue. Looking forward to editing them all, however its Jubilee weekend and I am off to see the Queen. Hope you all had a great night. See you soon for the rest.

children’s portrait photographer gloucestershire/ wandsworth

I do apologise……running late with my blogs. Weather too good outside to be stuck behind a computer! This blog will remind you of the rainy season! However, it doesn’t put off Helen and Grace (Agnes). I love photographing these parties as the kids are in their element despite the rain. Grace decided to take all her clothes off and jump in a large bucket just as guests were arriving. This first shot is actually my last shot as Grace collapsed exhausted on the sofa. Its difficult when you are hosting a party to be everywhere and I know that Helen loves coming to view her photos after the party just to find out exactly what went on! Looking forward to the next party….as always.xxxxxx