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Happy New Year

Ok so I know I am very behind with my blogs. Sorry to those of you that are waiting to see what I write about your little darlings! Soon I promise. However, today was my official day back at work as as the kids went back to school and husband was packed off to work. So the fun is over! I have loved this last week of snow. Its been like an extended holiday. I have been a bore and taken (only a little camera ) out on our sledging trips. I thoroughly recommend Chedworth for sledging and The Seven Tuns for open fires. Heaven . I have to share some of my snaps. Happy New Year to all my clients family and friends.xxxxxxx

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As we are on the animal theme I thought I’d follow with  Pluto’s photo shoot. Its not just Humans I photograph. I was asked by a friend to photograph her very gorgeous, energetic labrador, Pluto. Who happens to be best friends with Pepper (my not so energetic cocker spaniel). We took them on one of our favourite walks and found a stunning carpet of bluebells. As you can see they loved the water . Hope you are enjoying your book!pluto-21pluto-3pluto-1pluto-07

My Exhibition

I just want to say a big thank you to all my friends and family that helped me put my exhibition together. And of course to all my clients that came to say hello. Judging by the amount of alcohol left……..it was a good night! For those of you that didn’t manage to get in here are a few photos. gardens-gallery-1gardens-gallery-21gardens-gallery-61gardens-gallery-31gardens-gallery-71gardens-gallery-81gardens-gallery-51