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Child Family Photography

A good friend of mine asked me to donate a photoshoot for their Village Fair. The Lucky winners were the Stirling Lee family. Actually I felt as if I had one them as they were a joy to photograph and the whole family were up for anything. Two very sporty girls (Emma and Katie) who loved netball and football, even if it was raining! They came up with some great ideas and I am delighted with the results. As it is Literature festival week we shall commence with the love of Michael Morpurgo. My Kids love him too ! stirling-lee-09stirling-lee-27stirling-lee-01stirling-lee-20stirling-lee-17

Child Family Photography

It was lovely to meet up with Finn and Lexi again as I last photographed them when Finn was just a baby. That’s the best thing about my job, I get to see my clients growing up! I spent a morning at their home playing around in the garden (as again we were spoilt with good weather!) and taking the dog Izzy for a walk. Although Izzy was a little reluctant to start with she soon enjoyed her walkies. I love the shot of Lexi walking her with the lead. Something about it just says ‘carefree childhood’. I was very impressed that both Lexi and Finn managed to keep a secret about the photoshoot as it was a birthday present for Daddy . I made up a book of all the photos for their Dad’s Birthday. Happy Birthday !finn-lexi-071

Family Photography Cheltenham

Ok ………so…… yes it has been a long time since I blogged but I am back from my hols ( which were fab ) and am trying to deal with my backlog! I  promise. However before I went away I finally got to Photograph Dana and Mierko with their two handsome  boys. This was a lovely gift from their great friends Jelena and Dejan. We all love them I hope you do too! Here are a few of my favs. The rest are on the way to you.

The boys

The boys


Family and Children Photography

Oh my blogs are getting longer and longer. I have just got so many photos that I want to share with you ! This was a real treat as not only did I get to photograph Ellie and Louis with their pets (hamster and Jelly the Dog ) but we took Ellie out on Tango the pony. She loves riding and is obviously very comfortable with Tango.( Unlike me and nervous mum! ) . Ellie has the most amazing long hair  that I wanted to capture it all its natural glory . Louis’s hair was the complete opposite, blonde and still has those baby curls. Love it.  The kids ended up in the pool….perfect! Please feel free to leave a comment. lisa-21lisa-12lisa-16lisa-30

Family and Children Photography

I went to photograph the Johnston Family at home. Well there is never a dull moment in the that house! Archie and Ollie have lots of energy and were great fun to photograph. After bouncing on the bed, reading favourite books and  drawing, we took to the garden and had great fun with the sprinkler. As they were wet anyway we decided to continue the wet theme in the bath. Maybe bath time was a little early but who cares!! Baby Angus was a delight .He simply watched his brothers or slept . Won’t be long before he’ll be joining his brothers in the sprinkler. I have so many photos from this shoot so this might be a long blog. However here are a few of my favourites. alice-233alice-231alice-189alice-bw11alice-col-22alice-col-24alice-col-26alice-col-6alice-col-16alice-col-3

Child Photographer Gloucestershire

It was great to catch up with James and his family again. It is lovely to see how he is changing over the years. I can see a very bright, confident and happy boy emerging. We spent the morning showing me his favourite toys in his bedroom, especially his books! However,he did insist that it was all cleared away before venturing into the garden. I was very impressed! I still struggle with my girls to get them to sort out their bedrooms! We were very fortunate with the weather and spent the rest of the morning playing with a huge bubble maker. Happy Birthday James. Hope you had a great party. XX


Family lifestyle photography

Well what a treat! Two beautiful girls, a picnic, funky wallpaper, buttercups and yellow fields of rape. I was in photographic heaven. Evie and Lou were up for anything so after having exhausted the wallpaper ideas we took to the beautiful countryside. Very ‘Little House on the Prairie’ !!!


So glad the Hayfever hadn’t kicked in yet. anstey-col-09anstey-col-12anstey-col-22Summer is definately here……well,on its way……so if you are thinking of getting images like these (although you do need two beautiful girls)I only have a couple of free weekends. So catch me while you can.

These girls are not just Sisters but good friends. How lucky they are.

Family and children photographer Cheltenham

Just before I opened my exhibition in Montpellier Gardens I had the pleasure of photographing the Baker family.

After spending the morning at home we nipped off to the park as the boys were just getting confident at riding their bikes.

We were very lucky with the weather. Spring is definitely in the air. baker-bw-06baker-bw-112baker-bw-132baker-bw-192baker-bw-262baker-col-042baker-col-092baker-col-122