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family photography gloucestershire

As a family photographer I am lucky to get out and enjoy the countryside with my clients. Especially if horse riding is one of their hobbies although it is a good work out for me too running along the fields with my heavy camera and lenses. This was my second shoot with the Barr family and fortunately rain did not stop us from getting out. I was very impressed with Mia’s jumping. I am looking forward to putting it all together in your book. Here are some of my favourites……

family portraits gloucestershire and london

I have been looking forward to blogging this family ( although father was poorly in bed!) as The Leighton girls have a soft spot for these gorgeous boys. We started off playing one of their favourite games……’going on holiday’. One of my favourites too!! We went to some quite exotic places. Loved being allowed to play racing cars in the big room, fab backdrop for my photographers eyes. We headed outside and used up lots of that boyish energy on the trampoline, swing and skateboarding. Ollie seems to have no fear of speed! Nice to see the cat got lots of attention, in a gentle way. Have got loads of favourites but here are just a few.

family photography cheltenham

As a children’s portrait photographer it’s always satisfying to photograph busy mums that don’t always have the time to stop and enjoy the moment with their kids. Louise was very kindly bought a voucher for a photography session for this very reason. We waiting a while for Joseph’s teeth to fill in (which was remarkably quick). Grace and Joseph were full of beans and keen to get to the park. However, I spotted that Grace had the most amazing set of lashes!! Lucky girl………Kate Moss look out!  Happy Belated Mother’s day.  Here are some of my favourites. x

portrait photography gloucestershire

Summer is over and the run up to Christmas begins! Back to the routine and no more lazy mornings. However, this family came to visit me on their way back to Ireland at the end of their holiday. They wanted to capture some natural portait photography before heading home. Devin was a delight to photograph and was only shy for the first 30 seconds. She soon showed her cheeky , chatty, confident character. Gorgeous girl with the most beautiful colouring….porcelain skin and piercing blue eyes. Ahhh the luck of the Irish. I have included far too many for one blog…….enjoy the many faces of Devin. Thanks for coming to visit. L x

family photographer gloucestershire

I have been photographing this family for a few years now, so I was delighted to be asked back again to have more fun and games. Ethan had just had a sand pit for his birthday and the novelty was still fresh. I loved watching these boys together and really capturing the relationship they already share. They were most happy in the bath and didn’t really care what time of day it was. I think they could have stayed in all day if it was up to them! Can’t wait to show you your book. Here are some of my favourites although I have loads more. x

family photography cotswolds

The time has come for this lovely American family to move back home after a few years in Cheltenham. They wanted to capture the  English countryside and the famous Cotswold stone  so we headed off to the open spaces near by. Sarah was happy running around, climbing trees and braving the cows. We then went back home and although most things were in boxes Sarah showed me her favourite books and toys. She was a great shot when it came to football! Safe journey back home. It was a pleasure to meet you. x

Children’s photography Barr Family

I was very honoured to be asked to photograph Mia and H as they are regularly stopped in the streets and asked to be models. Well, you can see why…….Gorgeous with a capital G.

H for Harry reminded me of a cool surfer with his long locks and Mia was just the perfect model and wearing my favourite colour………Pink!  The dog enjoyed being centre of attention and joined us on the beautiful white bed. Fortunately no muddy paws. It was raining outside and normally that doesn’t stop me from getting out but it was torrential so we stayed  indoors. I’m looking froward to our next photo session and capturing the kids in the garden. Oh, and can’t wait to meet the pony.

Enjoy some of my favs…..x


Children’s photography Rea Family

Firstly I feel the need to apologise for the lack of blogs. No excuses just very busy at the moment!

When I  went to photograph the Rea family it was nice to see George and Henry’s hand and foot casts proudly placed on the wall. Its always lovely to see my clients growing up. I was delighted to capture them with photography too. George was not shy at all and loved talking about trains, books rockets and Buzzlightyear. I was very impressed with his tidy bedroom, although not for long after we had finished in it. Henry seemed to adore his brother and want to follow him around. I’m sure he’ll be walking soon. Until then enjoy that lovely,cuddly baby stage for as long as you can! Looking forward to the next session and putting your book together. Here are some of my favourites.x


Children’s Photographer – Easter Party

This is going to be the longest set of blog photos, as I just have so many favourites. Helen and Grace were having another one of their fabulous parties. This one was Easter and the chocolate and champagne were flowing. The kids were in heaven because the more the parents drank the more chocolate they could eat! Fabulous to watch. It felt like a balmy summers day ….perfect. However, it all was too much for Grace and she fell asleep in her mum’s arms just as the last guest was leaving…….me. I have thoroughly enjoyed putting the book together. Thank you Helen , already looking forward to the next one.x

Family Portraits – Jelena’s Birthday

These photos are well overdue……….thank you for being so patient. However, I am delighted with the results so hopefully well worth waiting for! I have so many favourites these are just a sneek preview. Enjoy………and Happy Birthday .xx