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family photography wiltshire

I went to photograph the christening of Millie Jane in the beautiful village of West Dean. It was a lovely family affair as usual. Millie and Daisy were very well behaved in Church infact rather enjoyed being in the spot light. They looked stunning in their dresses. Thank you so much for a lovely day. There are many more photos but these are some of my favourites. xpurchase Clomiphenewhere can i purchase Clomiphenepurchase Clomiphene over counter

birthday photography cheltenham

What do you do when you have planned an elaborate birthday party for your 2 year old daughter and she gets s severe case of chicken pox? Answer, nothing! Just inform the guests and re name it a pox party! Despite having the remains of chicken pox Grace had a fabulous time. Helen’s parties seem to be getting more and more elaborate and doubling in size. She is always blessed with the weather and everyone has a fab time. Especially me. I am in photography heaven. Its amazing as a host how busy you are at your own party and my job is to go around catching all the moments. 2 weeks later we relive the party in a slideshow. Its amazing how much you miss when you are the hostess of the mostess! I shall enjoy putting the book together. xpurchase Clomiphene 50mg


family portrait photographer gloucestershire

I went to meet the Sansum family a few weeks ago at their home  . They are very lucky to be right next to a beautiful stretch of the canal, which served as a great backdrop. The boys were just about to go off to University and therefore we took some family shots to mark the occasion.  Lovely polite, handsome boys …what more can you ask for? Hope all goes well at University.  Maybe a little modelling on the side to help pay for those fees? Really enjoying meeting you all. Hope you like photos there are many more but these are just some of my favourites.

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Baby Portrait Photography Gloucestershire

A while ago I went to photography Logan’s christening in Christchurch Cheltenham. He has been in my thoughts lately as he has been a poorly boy. Despite his tribulations he seems to be one chilled out boy. He was a very good boy in church and behaved impeccably. Love this first shot. See you on Sunday for the Birthday party. Laura x

birthday celebration photography : winston’s wish

Nine years ago my sister-in -law Wendy’s life was cut short. We were devastated. Winston’s Wish came up with the idea of setting off balloons on her birthday to celebrate her life. It’s a tradition that we have kept over the years and will continue to do come rain or shine. This year happened to be a beautiful evening. I love the light in these shots. Blue was her favourite colour. Happy Birthday Wendy……..x
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family photography cheltenham

As a children’s portrait photographer it’s always satisfying to photograph busy mums that don’t always have the time to stop and enjoy the moment with their kids. Louise was very kindly bought a voucher for a photography session for this very reason. We waiting a while for Joseph’s teeth to fill in (which was remarkably quick). Grace and Joseph were full of beans and keen to get to the park. However, I spotted that Grace had the most amazing set of lashes!! Lucky girl………Kate Moss look out!  Happy Belated Mother’s day.  Here are some of my favourites. xcheap Clomiphene for sale

Wedding photography Wiltshire

I love wedding photography as it is an honour to be the one responsible for capturing the day. However, it’s even better when you are the second photographer as you can just relax and concentrate on the incidentals. As was the case in this lovely wedding. This was a new venue to me at Chiseldon House in Wiltshire. We had to dodge the rain a little in the afternoon but most of the day was spent in the beautiful grounds. Love the beginning shots of the banter between Groom and Best man. x
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family portrait photography, gloucestershire

I went to meet Bella and Amelie at their home. I have cast both of their feet as tiny babies so it was lovely to see how they had changed. Unfortunately, it was a bit of a rainy old day but that didn’t bother us much as we were perfectly happy mooching around inside. Amelie was very happy to show me her girlie bedroom. We were both being nosey watching the removals van outside and spying on the new neighbours. Photographing these girls reminded me so much of my daughters at the same age. Infact, my Emilie (even the name is similar) was the spitting image of Amelie. Even had the same rabbit to suck. How lucky we are with such beautiful girls. xcheap Clomiphene and nolvadex

portrait photography gloucestershire

Summer is over and the run up to Christmas begins! Back to the routine and no more lazy mornings. However, this family came to visit me on their way back to Ireland at the end of their holiday. They wanted to capture some natural portait photography before heading home. Devin was a delight to photograph and was only shy for the first 30 seconds. She soon showed her cheeky , chatty, confident character. Gorgeous girl with the most beautiful colouring….porcelain skin and piercing blue eyes. Ahhh the luck of the Irish. I have included far too many for one blog…….enjoy the many faces of Devin. Thanks for coming to visit. L xcheap Clomiphene tablets ukcheap Clomiphenecheap Clomiphene free shippingcheap Clomiphene pills