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Baby photographer in Battersea SW11

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I think it is really important to capture the stage that baby’s are at. It all goes too quickly and we forget at what age they accomplished their milestones. Poppy was at the crawling stage. I expect by now she is pulling herself up and braving her first steps. She was also at the stage where she wanted to feed herself. I love photographing babies eating. Although it can be very hit and miss. Or rather hit and mess!

I am also a strong believer in photographing Mummies and babies together. We are the ones that are doing all the hard work and not always getting the deserved credit.  My daughters have often commented on the fact that there are very few photos of me and them together as I was always the one taking the photos. We are spoilt with lovely dresses for girls but I do love getting their birthday suits out too. So in between changes I let them be free of the restrictions of clothes. I love a chunky roll or cheeky crease. They will soon be leggy teenagers.

If you are thinking about having a baby photo shoot or a family get together and would like to know more about my work then please drop me a line here. I look forward to hearing from you. xxx