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I have always wanted to call myself an Award Winning photographer. Well the time has finally come and I am proud to have been awarded the title of “Cotswold Photographer of the Year” by the British Institute of Professional Photographers. I will be blogging my winnings in due course but am very honoured and ¬†shocked to be awarded such a title. I am not one to brag, promote or even advertise my work but this is something I might have to do.

Anyway enough about me. I have been prompted to blog about this lovely family in my favourite neighbourhood of Northcote Road Battersea. I went visit Jen at her home when she was expecting baby girl number three. Having three girls myself I could have total empathy. It’s funny but people often assume that you are hankering for a boy but I have always been happy and blessed with three girls and happily so was Jen.

There is something quite delightful about photographing a family that is expanding as they get more relaxed and chilled with life as their family grows. I always think a family needs a dog to complete the chaos. However in this case Bolshy the dog was the first baby and am delighted that he is a much part of the family as the kids! They were so relaxed that Stella the newborn baby was allowed to snuggle with him. I love it as it’s such a special relationship that is a natural part of childhood. The other bonus to third child is that the older siblings get a real baby doll to play with. Fabulous fun! Until of course baby Stella reaches the age of 2 ¬†and can hold her own. Then the she might develop her own ideas and not want to conform. Until then enjoy the calm.

I am delighted to be going back to photograph the family and document their changes. Lets see if we can make it to the park this time now I am an award winning photographer! Sorry I just like saying it!

If you would like to know more about my Award Winning Photography then please contact me here. I look forward to telling your story.
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