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My Philosophy

My Philosophy is simple:

“Real life is worth capturing”.

No false smiles or pretend studio shots. I want to capture the real you.

Don’t worry about the kids or babies not behaving themselves.

I have three of my own so I know the ups and downs.

I just go with the flow and use my eye but most importantly my heart. My sessions are relaxing and yet fun.

Any Questions?

Where will the session be held?

Usually starts at your home and then we move on to the park or a location of your choice, weather permitting! Or you can come to me as I have a large white lounge.

How long will the session last?

Typically around 2 hours but I am there for as long as possible. The best shots are when everyone is relaxed and unaware of the camera.

When do I get to see my photos?

It normally takes about 2 weeks for me to process your images. Then you come to view your images in my studio (at my home) either in Cheltenham or London. Prints can take 2 weeks but canvases, albums and frames will need to allow more time.

What do we wear?

Anything you are comfortable in. Girls seem to have fun dressing up and boys seem happy in jeans. I do like photographs of babies in their birthday suits... so we do tend to turn the heating up!

What do you mean by "the photo session payment lasts a year"?

his offer is aimed at the pregnancy/newborn and babies sessions. Obviously your baby will grow over the first year and I can pop back and capture the different stages. Ideal if you want to make a 'my first year book'.

What clients really think

Laura didn’t just “take photos”. She did something so much more special – she spent time getting to know both me and Gracie (at a time when I was getting to know Gracie myself!!). She immortalised some of the most precious moments of my life. When I first saw those initial photographs I cried. They were so beautiful and so emotional. Some were just plain funny!!!

With much love Laura, Helen and Gracie xx

When I saw the pictures that Laura had taken of my family, I couldn’t speak. They literally took my breath away. Not only were they beautiful but completely natural, and everything I had hoped for. I would recommend Laura to all my friends.

Izzy, Cheltenham

Love the photos you’ve taken of Nell and Erin. You’ll be seeing them well into their teenage years!

Diane, Cheltenham

photograph photograph photograph